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Bei Sport Analytics (Sports Analytics, LLC Apps)

If you're a coach, a mentor or choreographer and visual feedback of the game, practice or performance is critical - Koachfilm is a must have tool for you. Whether you're coaching a sports team, an individual athlete, a dancer or an actor - Koachfilm will help sharpen the performance by providing exact and easy to understand visual feedback to your players or performers. "Where do my players need to position themselves on the field?" "Where does my defender need to be when my midfielders lose the ball?" "Which of my dancers is not in synch with the rest?" Koachfilm will help with these and thousands of questions like these - to take the frustration out of coaching.

Choose a video from your camera - whether it's a team practice, a game, a sports performance, or any other performance, - pause the video at the right coaching moment and immediately you'll be able to create a visual play-by-play analysis with visual feedback to your team or performers. Koachfilm comes with lots of visual tools that allow coaches to express exactly what should be or should have been done by the athlete(s) or performers. When the coach has made the visual markings to illustrate a coaching moment - he/she can text or send the short video snippet (koachfilm) to individual players with personal and individual instructions. The player/athlete/performer will receive only the instruction that is specific to them in their Koachfilm feed.

The smooth and intuitive process gives you complete control. Use videos that you recorded on your phone or use the built-in camera to record the performance. With a tap you can scroll through the video to find the moment that needs your coaching - and immediately you can start drawing the visual instructions on the paused video: whether it's arrows to show where a player should have passed the ball to, or rectangular areas to indicate a zone on the filed or circles marking players - all visual signs will be in-perspective: as if they were laid down on the filed. Voice recordings further enhance the coaching experience - and they accompany your visual signs. When complete, with one tap you can share your instructions/feedback with your team members - who will see them on their smart phone Koachfilm feed immediately.


- Visual instructions to draw on a paused video: straight arrow, dotted arrow, straight line, dotted line, arched arrow, circle, territory marking, six different colors
- Adjustable field plain
- Voice recording
- Ability to invite and connect with others
- Share recorded koachfilms with others
- Sharing these koachfilms on social media: Facebook and Instagram
- A koachfilm feed - to see what others shared with me
- Commenting on koachfilms others shared with me


18.12.2017 | Version : 1.0 | Größe : 62,4 MB

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