Immortal Taoists - Wuxia Game 4,5/5

Immortal Taoists - Wuxia Game

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Bei Hong Kong Pleasing Creation Times Limited

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The highly anticipated authentic Chinese immortal game Immortal Taoists is finally here! Immortal Taoists is a game based on the background of popular Chinese Xianxia(immortal hero fantasy) and Wuxia(martial hero fantasy) webnovels. The main gameplay is that mortals acquire power through the Taoist cultivation and ascend to Heaven to be immortal. All kinds of real Chinese stuff are fully restored, such as martial arts, Taoism, magic, demons, immortals, people who can fly, etc. This is not just a simple RPG game, but a free word game of Immortal Cultivation. Besides, the game supports the unique idle system which offers abundant offline earnings.

■Immortal Cultivation
Cultivation starts with Qi gathering and all the way up to Immortal. At different Cultivation Period, powers and gameplay will be different as well. The ultimate fantasy is ascending to Heaven and be an Immortal.

■Matchless Skills
Powerful magic skills are not only in the webnovels. At here, you can learn all kinds of skills and powerful spells, such as physical skills, psychic skills, etc. The skills can make you more powerful and fight against the Demons and Monsters.

■Blacksmith & Alchemy
A handy tool makes a handy man. You can forge your own equipments and refine your own elixir pills to make yourself more powerful. The higher your Blacksmith level and Alchemist level is, the greater items you can forge and refine.

■Coupling Companions
In a high dwelling, one cannot bear the cold. In here, you will never be alone to bear the cold because there are companions to stay by your side though you have climbed to the top of the Cultivation World

It’s time for you to Cultivate. The Cultivation World is ahead, come and play Immortal Taoists. PLEASE follow us on Facebook for latest updates and MORE EXCLUSIVE REWARDS:



10.01.2020 | Version : 1.2.8 | Größe : 147,2 MB
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14.12.2019 | Version : 1.2.6 | Größe : 146,4 MB
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25.08.2019 | Version : 1.2.1 | Größe : 160,0 MB


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