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Low-Code Native App Development Platform. Creo gives you the superpowers to create iOS and macOS apps.

Creo is a next generation macOS tool which aims to combine the Design and Development process into a single easy to use application. Traditional mobile app creation process is split between the design process and the development process, Creo merges the two separated steps into a single tool which enables you to focus on what makes your app unique instead of wasting time building a nonfunctional prototype or writing the same code to perform the same most common operations. It feels like magic because what you see on the screen is really what you'll get on your mobile device without a single line of code.

Design with native components:
With Creo you can build complex navigation hierarchies or elaborated windows using a very intuitive drag & drop interface.
With Creo you can create iOS and macOS Catalyst applications with 100% UI and code sharing.

Use real data:
Thanks to its underlying technology, Creo is able to show dynamic data from a variety of sources directly while designing your app, without the need of running it.
Some of the built-in DataSet are SQLite, MySQL, cubeSQL, PostgreSQL, REST API, device sensors and much more.

Beautiful IDE and blazing fast simulator:
In Creo everything is an object. That means that every object can respond to events and perform specific actions written in the Gravity programming language. Creo supports Xcode Swift project exporting.

Build complex apps in hours:
“I didn’t want to just play around with another design tool. I set a goal – I wanted to build an app that would work the way I had planned, something that visually fits the apps I design and proves it’s possible to build something sensible and good-looking in Creo.”

"Creo is amazing and could totally light the indie-market community on fire.""
From our Slack Community

"Thank you for taking the leap to develop such a tool. It could be the most important program since Photoshop..."
From our Community Forum

"Creo looks incredibile! A new era in mobile app development!"
From Twitter

"I don't know why the internet has not blown up because of your app, stunning."
From Twitter

“Playing with Creo it’s such a fast dev cycle it’s addictive”
From Twitter

"This program is amazing. I'm about to release two apps to the App Store and I never done front-end work."
From email

"I've spent the last few days building an app with Creo and, as a back-end guy with allergy to interface development, it has been an incredible experience."
From Medium



10.01.2020 | Version : 2.3.2 | Größe : 51,8 MB

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