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Friendly Streaming is an elegant and minimalistic multitasking browser.

Our powerful Picture-in-Picture, floating window mode, and transparency settings, make it a multitasker's dream browser.


View your work, alongside your media content from places like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu and more. Our Universal Picture-in-Picture works with most sites (unlike Safari, Chrome or Firefox).

Suddenly it’s also possible to make new creations in Photoshop while following along to an online tutorial. It’s possible to scroll through social media while watching a video on the side. Maybe even watch Netflix all day long, while your boss thinks you are working.

Friendly Streaming works just like any other normal browser, except that it’s floating on top of all other windows, and can be adjusted to be transparent.

You’ll keep finding new uses for it. Monitoring stock quotes, keeping up with your Twitter feed or work slack channels. The possibilities are endless.

With Friendly Streaming, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and transparency on any web page or video stream, in a few easy steps.

Friendly Streaming includes a powerful native player to play local videos in Picture-in-Picture mode and make video adjustments.
Supported formats include: MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP4, MOV, 3GP, OGG, Real, WAV, FLV.

This allow anyone who has videos on a shared drive to enjoy all our browser multitasking features.

Friendly Streaming is a third-party video browser.
It is not associated or affiliated with Netflix, Inc, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Prime Video or any other streaming service you browse using this app.



03.07.2020 | Version : 4.6.1 | Größe : 29,0 MB
- Fix crash on High Sierra and older MacOS
⁃ Added ability to Save movies & shows from discovery, media detail page, and search
⁃ Added "My Streaming" tab, to access Saved media recently played media
⁃ Search Movies or TV Show by Director, Actor or Title, from the browser address bar
⁃ Added ability to share media from media detail page
⁃ Enhanced "Recents" to show title of the movie (not just URL) and display in last watched order
⁃ Added ability to view picture-in-picture and mini browser over fullscreen applications
⁃ Enhanced "Fix Error" in Help menu, to clear Netflix S7363 error
⁃ Edit a single channel by clicking the vertical dot button shown on mouse over
⁃ Delete a single channel by activating edit mode and clicking the x button on mouse over
⁃ Added reload button on toolbar
⁃ Other small bug fixes and improvements

If you love the app, please consider upgrading to a licensed version (upgrade below, or in the preferences).
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issue, idea or question.

29.04.2020 | Version : 4.5.1 | Größe : 28,5 MB
⁃ Fixed issue with Light appearance
⁃ Other Bug fixes and improvements

New in 4.5:
- Enhanced address bar with search suggestions
- Enhanced filters & added trailers for "now streaming"
- Added "Clear All" option in Recents list
- Fixed issue where PiP controls would overlap the system's dock
- Other Bug fixes and improvements

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or feature request (Help > Contact Us...)
If you like the app, please consider getting a license (from File > Preferences...).

28.02.2020 | Version : 4.2 | Größe : 28,1 MB
If you love the app, please let us know by rating the app in the App Store.
This is the way more people can discover Friendly. Thank you!

New in 4.2
-Added "Streaming in your channels" section to Home Page to discover streaming media based on your channel subscriptions. is in the tool bar. Added a shortcut button in the toolbar to access this feature.
⁃Improved picture-in-picture (PiP)
⁃Various Bug fixes and improvements

New in 4.1
⁃Fix for Disney+ picture-in-picture (PiP)
⁃Fixed the PiP window titlebar issue
⁃Fixed PiP for some streaming sites
⁃Various Bug fixes and improvements

New in 4.0
⁃Fully customizable list of favorite streaming sites.
⁃Various Bug fixes and improvements

New in 3.6.1
⁃Small maintenance update.
⁃Addresses the "In-app purchase is not supported" message that some users on Mojave and older MacOS versions are still encountering.

New in 3.6
⁃Fixed issue with some streaming sites on Beta OS versions
⁃Addresses an in-App-Purchase issue for some users who updated to 3.5

New in 3.5
⁃Added Italian Prime Video url
⁃Fixed issue with Hulu blocking local live TV programming

New in 3.4
⁃Drag and drop media file into application to open file in VLC Player
⁃Drag and drop URL into application to open streaming site
⁃Fixed crash when exiting fullscreen mode
⁃Fixed site selector positioning when in fullscreen mode
⁃Fixed site selector items remaining highlighted after losing focus

New in 3.3
⁃Fix various loading issues
⁃Right click open local media files in VLC Player
⁃Drag and drop media file into dock icon to open file in VLC Player
⁃Drag and drop URL into dock icon to open streaming site

New in 3.2.1
⁃Quick-Fix for the empty License ("Rocket") Tab.

New in 3.2
⁃You can now support the development of Friendly Streaming by purchasing a license (click on the “Rocket” in the settings or title bar)
⁃Added a setting to remove the “Rocket Button” from the title bar
⁃Site Loading Progress Bar
⁃Clear Data for All Sites
⁃Spacebar keyboard shortcut to Play/Pause local media
⁃Display error page for site loading errors

Please let us know if you have any problem or ideas for the app, by reporting the issues on our support page or email.


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