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Mirror Screen on Smart TV

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Supported TVs
● Compatible with the majority of 2013+ (and some 2012) smart TVs such as '13+ Samsung, '12-'16 LG, Access, Panasonic IV+, newer Sony and others (LG '17+ models are not compatible)
● Based on open DLNA interoperability recommendations
● Smart TV needs to support MPEG-TS streaming with H.264/AAC codecs (consult TV manual or just try it)

Screen Mirroring Features
● 12 predefined profiles: 480p...2160p (UHD) with 25 - 60 frame rate
● Hardware video encoder support (variable bit rate >20MBit/sec)
● Recording: active session can be (in parallel) recorded to an mp4 file and replayed later
● Multi-display support (choose which display you want to mirror to your TV)
● Low battery consumption & no buffering interruptions due to overloaded CPU (*)
● Optional adaptation of video stream to 16:9 (=TV) aspect ratio;
● 5 user profiles (bit rate up to 60Mbit/sec@Ultra HD or up to 90fps@Full HD)
● Dimming: computer screen can be dimmed while playing (e.g. a movie in a dark room)
● Time shift: if needed, video and audio can be offset +/- 1000 ms in 25 ms steps
● App needs permission for screen recording & audio capturing

Audio Driver
● Dedicated audio driver that allows to capture & transmit audio regardless of what source is playing
● Due to App Store rules (no app can have attached any driver in the store), the driver needs to be installed manually from: https://www.nimbleai.com/aDrv

(*) - The app needs a Mac model 2011 or higher.

File Streamer
● Provides two modes: MP4 & Direct
-- MPEG streaming mode (mp4, mov) with locally seekable preview;
-- Direct streaming mode plays all TV-supported formats (typically AVI, 3GPP, DIVX,FLV,MKV,..)

Web Streamer (the mode requires High Sierra+)
● Compared to screen mirroring apps, no need to install any audio driver
● Solid >30MB A/V buffer ensures stream stability
● MP4
● HLS:
-- combined audio/video streams
-- separated audio/video streams
-- video only streams
-- fMp4 streams
-- live streams for all of the above-listed combinations
-- streams encrypted with AES-128 & AES-sample for all of the above-listed combinations
● MP3

● App is intentionally free so that you can test it with your TV model prior potential purchase
● Sessions up to 3 minutes as a demo; unlimited transfers as a one-off in-app purchase.

Non-supported Types
● You can't mirror DRM (digital rights management) protected content.
● FairPlay (Apple proprietary tech enforcing DRM)
● (Live) audio-only HLS streams & MP3 live streams (no DLNA support)
● Subtitles (no DLNA support)

● Due to DLNA TV buffer, there is typically 1-3 sec lag between what is shown on monitor and TV , i.e. the app is not primarily intended for real-time activities such as gaming.
● By default, you can cast your screen video (useful e.g. for showing photos, giving presentations, browsing web, etc). If you want to transfer also audio together with video, you will need to install audio driver (instructions provided in the app, link above).



13.11.2019 | Version : 4.0 | Größe : 24,5 MB
Update for new 10.15 OS version: a new permission for screen recording is needed for screen mirroring (new installs only);
App now covers wide range of DLNA-compatible TVs, the app name was broadened accordingly;
Bug fixing;

02.05.2019 | Version : 3.0.3 | Größe : 24,7 MB
+ fix for local video preview
+ stability fixes

17.04.2019 | Version : 3.0.2 | Größe : 24,7 MB
Major app update: Added Safari-based web browser that enables direct web video streaming
+ minor & stability fixes (web video streaming, colour scheme for dark mode menu mode, GUI switching)


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