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PLEASE NOTE: This is the "express" version of Power Prompter. In this version prompting pauses after 5 minutes. Everything else is exactly the same as in the full version of Power Prompter. Use this version to test-drive Power Prompter before buying the Full Version or as a free remote control for your existing Power Prompter installation!


Power Prompter is a fully featured yet easy to use teleprompter application for your Mac.

This app is perfect for beginners. Even if you've never used a teleprompter before - you can get started in just a few minutes. Type some text, press the "Go" button and Power Prompter will do the rest!

At the same time Power Prompter is powerful enough to run in professional settings like a TV/Radio production or in a podcasting studio. Due to its support for widely available teleprompter hardware and numerous settings Power Prompter can keep up with any gear you might want to add to your setup.

Power Prompter is versatile: You can use it to record podcasts. To create killer YouTube videos (viewers love confident speakers!). To record radio adverts. To hold speeches. Or to narrate a documentary. And in many many other situations.

The ways to use Power Prompter are virtually unlimited and our users constantly come up with new ways to use Power Prompter.

For example some of our customers use Power Prompter to:
• prepare and hold sermons
• to give text hints to live singers on stage
• to create e-learning webcasts for hundreds of viewers (a well-known website)
• to record ads for a local radio station network in the Australian Outback
• to fight camera fear
• to learn lines for theatre plays

And for many other things no one has told us about...

Power Prompter's most prominent features are:

▸ Native Mac App. Not a poor Windows-port!

▸ Remotely controllable from your iPhone/iPad, from another Mac or through a presentation "clicker". (The iOS Remote control app supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections and is 100% FREE).

▸ WYSIWYG: The script will look exactly the same on every screen. No need to play around with screen resolutions, line brakes and text sizes anymore. Just set it up once in the editor and Power Prompter will do the rest!

▸ Individual script alignments settings. You can choose to align the script to the left, right or center - independently for each screen.

▸ Support for TTL/Beamsplitter hoods. Power Prompter can flip & mirror the text along both the X and Y axis so you can use professional TTL teleprompter hoods with it.

▸ Auto timing: You need a script to scroll through in exactly 7 minutes and 32 seconds? No problem. Power Prompter will automatically adjust the scroll speed to meet the time requirements you set.

▸ Multiple overlay and indicator options which help the talent with focussing on the text. You can position the indicator's position freely along the Y Axis.

▸ Open as many teleprompter windows as you need. Power Prompter supports unlimited synced teleprompter windows at the same time.

▸ Assign teleprompter windows to specific displays or spawn free floating teleprompter windows you can position anywhere you want. There's no limits to the arrangements you can create this way.

Power Prompter comes with a full manual and free email support.

Get Power Prompter now and replace the outdated and buggy software you're using now!



09.02.2020 | Version : 2020.2 | Größe : 5,8 MB
• The teleprompter window features now a scroll speed label above the speed slider. By default it displays the speed as percent. But you can switch through different units (word/second, words/minute, lines/second, lines/minute) by clicking on the label.
• Spawning new teleprompter windows by pressing CMD-T while a teleprompter window has keyboard focus works again.
• Fixed a bug that would randomly bring teleprompter windows into the foreground whenever playback was initiated. (This happened only when more than one prompter window was active).
• Fixed a bug that would display ugly scroll bars in the display list when a mouse was connected to the system.

10.01.2020 | Version : 2020.1 | Größe : 5,8 MB
New features:
• Bookmarks. Power Prompter now supports bookmarks within scripts. Now you can quickly jump between marked places in a script. For each bookmark an entry in the Bookmarks menu is created and the bookmark can be easily accessed via the CMD+[Bookmark Number] keyboard shortcut. Furthermore there's a new bookmark sidebar which you can open by pressing the new bookmarks toolbar item.

Bookmarks can be dropped via the Bookmarks -> Insert Bookmark menu item (and the associated keyboard shortcut CMD+K) or by prepending a * (asterisk) character to the beginning of a line in the script.

• Built-in keyboard shortcuts (space, backspace, up/down arrow) can now be re-assigned by the user.
• The teleprompter window has now a context menu (right click inside the teleprompter window).

• Teleprompter windows will now be automatically brought into the foreground when teleprompting starts. You can change this behavior in the General preferences panel.
• The teleprompter window's speed control is now less sensitive to mouse and trackpad scroll events (mainly to accomodate trackpad users better). You can change the sensitivity in power prompter's general preferences under Scroll Wheel Sensitivity.
• Rewinding and jumping to script locations is now instant. The animation has been removed because some users felt it was confusing and/or distracting.
• Improved performance of the scrolling engine. It should use even less CPU power now and scroll more smoothly on lower end Macs.
• Improved bBuetooth remote control performance.

• The editor now won't scroll during teleprompting by default. We noticed performance degradation under macOS Catalina on some Macs which we can't fix as the problems lie within Apple's TextView control. That's why we disabled editor autoscrolling by default for now. You can re-enable editor auto scrolling in the View menu.
• The Background Image option has been moved from the Script inspector to the Overlay inspector.
• The CMD+L keyboard shortcut has been re-assigned to jump to the next bookmark. Previously this shortcut toggled editor auto scrolling.
• The SHIFT+CMD+L keyboard shortcut has been re-assigned to jump to the previous bookmark. Previously this shortcut toggled editor-teleprompter sync.
• The min and max scroll speed sliders have been unified into one to unclutter the UI.
• The reset buttons have been reworked.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed Bluetooth remote control "blinking button" issue

29.05.2019 | Version : 2019.5 | Größe : 5,8 MB
- Scroll speed has units now. No more guessing - you have now concrete numbers to work with. The units are: lines/sec, lines/min, words/sec, words/min.
- The words per line setting now has a number attached to it (it displays now the avg words/line in your script).
- New min and max scroll speed settings. You can now limit how slow or fast the teleprompter will go at it's minimum/maximum scroll speed setting.
- Default scroll speed keybindings (w/s) now work when you keep the keys pressed. No need to press and release the keys repeatedly to adjust speed more than once.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an embarrassing typo.


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